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Poetic Images: The Photos

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On exhibit at Middletown Arts Center, October 8 - November 5, 2020

Click on the image to enlarge and see info about my new print on exhibit.  If you'd like to see my  work on exhibit (and other artists' work) and are eager to "get out-and-about", visit the Middletown Arts Center website for current visiting hours:

What is abstract art?

For me, it frees up the mind and allows

it to bend any which way, while the

heart seeks to recognize the emotion revealed.

And as we know well, there are many

different emotions available to us.

What's going on in your mind and heart

as you view my most recent

abstract images in the gallery below?

Click on the image below to enter the gallery.

Abstract Gallery

Oh, minimalism art!

It's minimal and simple, which reflects my life now

these days. Capturing these images challenges me

to reduce the subject within the frame and decide

what the surrounding space will do for it.

Sometimes it tells a story.

As you view my most recent images in the gallery below,

consider your thinking and how an image makes you feel.

Is there a story to tell, or do you see and feel without

seeking the element of story?

Click on the image below to enter the gallery.

Minimalism Gallery

This is where I'll feature my most recent poetic images

of photos and words together.

Click on the image below to enter the gallery.

Photos + Words Gallery

Poetic Images: The Words -- Click on the image below to see more of my poems with photos.

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