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I am Kimberly Ann Schwarz...

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Photography has been a hobby of mine since high school, where I did my first film development and printing in the school dark room.

After college, I took a couple of local classes while teaching at a local elementary school for 27 years. I live in Milford, Ohio, near Cincinnati.  I retired from teaching in 2015, and since then, I’ve been learning how to use digital cameras, first a Canon 70D, and now a Fujifilm X-T2 mirrorless.

A life-long learner, I read from a variety of resources; attend community college classes; am a member of three photo clubs; and follow some professional photographers online.   I’ve been focusing on a variety of subjects, such as landscapes; animals and flowers; reflections/refractions; and cityscapes (day and night).

Recently, I’ve been more focused on abstract and minimalism photography, and trying to develop my artistic “eye and mind” in seeing my subject in a different way.

I'm trying to capture what I see in my mind and through my eyes within my camera.   This includes deciding to shoot in color or in black and white.  Since I shoot in RAW, I use Adobe Lightroom in post-processing to fine-tune exposure, color, texture, and clarity. 

Sometimes I will do more than fine-tune: I may change or saturate colors; change to color or black and white; soften up or harden the look within a frame; and/or change the contrast.  I see this as a way to continue the process of creating what I see in my mind and through my eyes and deciding to turn it into fine art.  I rarely use presets available in Adobe or online. 

I'll use Photoshop to remove difficult, unwanted marks or to combine my photo images with my poetry.  I do not add or delete objects or parts of an image using Photoshop, or any other program.

I'm also learning how to grow as a writer of poetry.  It's my hope to bring my two passions, photography and poetry, together to create POETIC IMAGES. 

This website, POETIC IMAGES:  THE PHOTOS, will feature mostly photos, but will also include photo images with some of my poetry.

Thank you for visiting this place for sharing my work and passions.

-- Kimberly Ann Schwarz, photographer and poet

Poetic Images: The Words -- Click on the image below to see more of my poems with photos.

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