Kimberly Ann Schwarz

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Poetic Images:  Ten Benches by Kimberly Ann Schwarz was self-published in October 2019.  Currently, the full version of the book is in print only, and can be purchased at The Book Shelf, located in Madeira, Ohio, for $14.95. Visit their website for more books and information:

"Mutt Mitts", "The We" , and "Dark Horse" by Kimberly Ann Schwarz, published in 2020 For a Better World: Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice by Greater Cincinnati Artists poetry/drawings anthology, edited by Saad Ghosn; The poems are on pages 129 - 131; the bio is on page 127:

"Delicious Red Apple" by Kimberly Ann Schwarz, published in Pegasus journal from Kentucky State Poetry Society, Winter/Spring Issue 2018; edited by Rebecca S. Lindsay; poem on page 13; bio on page 36:

Pearl by Kimberly Ann Schwarz © 2017 self-published using Blurb, an online publisher is a collection of poems and photos available for purchase on Blurb. Click on the link below to go to the page to preview the book and/or purchase the book. To be able to read the poems in the book, use the largest computer screen (preferably a desktop) available to you. You may need to click on the arrows (once you're on the Blurb page) to expand to full screen.

Link for the book titled Pearl by Kimberly Ann Schwarz

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