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You do as I command,

Mindfulness to compose, complete.

I can see shadows and highlights --

A gift from the sun.

Beams blast through tree limbs, dying leaves.

What would Ansel tell me to do next?

As I hold you in my hands,

I remember footing,

And elbows to be pulled inward

To secure my balance.

You beg me to make my next frame.

I see the world through your shuttering eye.

You never let me down.

You always promise one of many,

Worthy of praise.

With dials and buttons and switches,

I embrace you like an old and trusted friend.

And once again, we agree:  It's time to


So, that's pretty much what I'm about these days.  Photography.  Poetry.  Photography and poetry.  Sometimes, bringing the two together.   It is my hope to capture images and write poetry that will inspire poetic images for all to experience.

Photography has been a hobby of mine since high school, where I did my first film development and printing in the school dark room. After college, I took a couple of local classes while teaching children in a local elementary school for 27 years. I retired as a teacher in 2015.

For the past three years, I’ve been learning how to use digital cameras, first a Canon 70D, and now a Fujifilm X-T2 mirrorless. I am a self-taught photographer, a member of three photo clubs, and follow many professional photographers online. Robert Rodriguez, Jr. and Anne McKinnell are two people I call mentors.

I’ve been focusing on a variety of subjects, such as landscapes; animals and flowers; water reflections/refractions; and cityscapes (day and night). Recently, I’ve been moving toward abstract and minimalism photography, and trying to develop my artistic “eye and mind” in seeing my subject in a different way.

I've been writing poetry for 20+ years.  I worked with my students as they were just starting out as poets.  I belong to a local group of poets and meet twice a month.  I also take classes at The University of Cincinnati.  There are many poets I follow, and Mary Oliver is one of my mentors.  However, my real and personal mentors are the people in my monthly poetry group.  I didn't realize all that I was lacking as a poet until I met these people who inspire me to grow!

-- Kimberly Ann Schwarz, photographer and poet

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