September - December - Kimberly Ann Schwarz

Kimberly Ann Schwarz

Poetic Images

Poetic Images: 

"Delicious Red Apple" poem/photo/video

"Click" poem/photo/video

"Landing" poem/photo/video

"Today..." poem/photo/video

If you would like to listen to a recording of any of the poems,

click on the image.

Audio recording by Erin English

I'm delighted to announce that "Delicious Red Apple" was submitted, accepted, and now published in the 2018 edition of Pegasus, from the Kentucky State Poetry Society (KSPS).  This is my first poem to be published.  Thank you to Becky Lindsay, editor for Pegasus.  The book looks beautiful and is filled with well-crafted poetry.  I am honored to be one of its contributors.  Please visit the  KSPS website by clicking on the link below.  On the Home page, click on

"2018 - Winter/Spring NEW":

Audio recording by Denise Johnson

Audio recording by Kimberly Ann Schwarz

Audio recording by Kimberly Ann Schwarz

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