About - Kimberly Ann Schwarz

Like many people, I've been "clicking" away on various cameras over the years.  My first serious encounter with photography was in high school when I learned how to process the film in the school dark room...black and white only.  

I didn't continue working with my photography until years later after college and a few years into my teaching career.  I took a couple of community courses and traveled with a group to several shooting locations.  That lasted only several years, and then my teaching took over, as well as other life things.

After 27 years of teaching, I retired early and started back up with my photography.  My learning curve has been a huge one!  My digital camera and online processing is quite a challenge, but I'm loving every minute of it.  I'm also learning how to print my work.  I'm digging deeper into the composition and creativity aspects of photography.  

I hope to continue exploring my craft and expanding it in some way.  Like this website, my craft is a work in progress...growing and getting better!

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